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Five Days of Freedom

30 Jun 2009 | Category: Shows

"Pum Diwrnod o Ryddid"

 Ysgol Theatr Maldwyn's production of this show has been very successful, with sell-out performances at Theatr Hafren Newtown, Theatr Aberystwyth, Theatr Felinfach, Theatr Harlech and Ysgol y Berwyn Y Bala. Over 2,000 people have seen this show during the tour in April/May 2009. The production coincides with the publication of the book "Pum Diwrnod o Ryddid" by Sain Record Company, supported by the Welsh Assembly Government and is on sale in shops throughout Wales.

The eighteen thirties witnessed the first revolution of the working class in Britain. The Charter was launched in 1837 and was enthusiastically received by workers everywhere. The hopes and aspirations of the proletariat were crystallized in the terms of the charter. When it is considered that the entire population of Britain was 16 million, it is notable that over 3 million men only, signed the Charter. It is certain that the Charter was revolutionary in its aims: a vote for every man, a secret ballot without property qualification. These revolutionary acts of the movement proved an inspiration, in times to come, to such giants as Marx and Engels.

The Chartists succeeded in holding the town for five days but then, hearing that the soldiers were on their way, the leaders of the movement fled. Most of them were caught and they were sentenced at Welshpool – James Morris to 15 years transportation, John Ingram, Abraham Owen and Lewis Humphreys to 7 years transportation and others were imprisoned at Montgomery Gaol.

The confrontation in Llanidloes was a failure because capitalism was victorious. The working class was too immature tactically, too ambiguous in their political philosophy. Seeds nevertheless were sown and the fruits of the sacrifice were seen a generation later. Only ‘Five Days of Freedom’ were experienced in Llanidloes but the taste for freedom was left in the hearts of the people for ever.

“Pum Diwrnod o Ryddid” was first performed by Cwmni Theatr Maldwyn at Theatr Hafren during the National Urdd Eisteddfod held in Newtown in 1988 and recorded for S4C by Opus TV under the direction of Mervyn Williams and Hefin Owen.


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Five Days of Freedom Video


Ar ol eistedd trwy berfformiad o Pum Diwrnod o Ryddid yn Theatr Hafren teimlais fod rhaid i mi anfon gair i Longyfarch pob un ohonoch - cast, criw, cyfarwyddwyr - PAWB! Mi roedd y perfformiad yn wirioneddol ffantastig! Roedd y perfformiad…

Bethan Bleddyn (Rhiant)

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